spreadsheet for the Calligra Suite
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Tables is a powerful spreadsheet application. It is scriptable and provides both table-oriented sheets and support for complex mathematical formulae and statistics. It is the successor of KSpread.

This package is part of the Calligra Suite.
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lib2know 8 years ago

i am looking forward to the next version hoping all funtctions, menus, taskbars, panels will move into the ribbons on the right side into the ribbons. then we have lot's of space left to work. right now we feela little bit squeezed between past and future ;-)

Nethanyahu 10 years ago

I have been using (or trying) it for two months. It is not as intuitive as Office Excel, iWork Numbers or even defunct AppleWorks6 Spreadsheet. The worst thing is that after I worked many hours in a document I save as .ksp and close it, to open it again and find that all format was gone! That issue doesn't happen if I choose .ods. Besides, the app crashes sometimes. (Version 1:2.7.2-0ubuntu2 | Linux Mint 16 KDE)