Media catalog program
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CDCat is a graphical, multiplatform media catalog program which scans the directories/drives you specify and makes a list of the filesystem contents (including the tags of MP3 files) and stores the result in a gzipped XML file.
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DocZen 7 years ago

Excellent logiciel. Sous linux, c'est le seul logiciel que j'ai trouvé pour remplacer CD Bank Cataloguer que j'utilisais sous win$

Qruqs 11 years ago

Albeit being a very good app at searching (with a few bugs aside), this app lacks stability so you're at risk of corrupting your xml database. Has happened to me, after about 800 CD's entered. If the app encounters an error, it simply shuts down with no warning. For this, I cannot give it more than a 2. Works okay for _small_ catalogs, but the huge ones I'm accustomed to (+1,200 CD's, and counting), no way! There is also a bug in the installer which makes it a no-show in the Menu on my Swedish system, you need to run it using "Run".