Real-time visual space simulation (gnome frontend)
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Celestia is a free 3d astronomy program. based on the hipparcos catalogue, it allows users to display objects ranging in scale from artificial satellites to entire galaxies in three dimensions using opengl. unlike most planetarium software, the user is free to travel about the universe.

this package contains the gtk+ frontend for celestia, and integrates with gnome.
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Yukonwolf 10 years ago

I never knew the our solar system was so big and how small we really are, until I used this program!!

pcholt 10 years ago

Outstanding space sim.

HowlinNate 11 years ago

A beautiful, educational application. If you've ever wondered what Warp 9.9 felt like, use this.

Decaffienated 11 years ago

I have used this program in Ubuntu 10.4 - 11.04 and found it to be VERY educational, as well as entertaining (I agree with Topen on this). The ability to see objects in three dimensions really makes the relative sizes and distances obvious!

Topen 12 years ago

Wow, simply amazing! you can easily lose an entire afternoon in this virtual universe!

josevegacastro 12 years ago

Siempre me gusto este programa, viajar por el espacio y utilizar scripts para visualizar animaciones es lo mejor, muy educativo.

hewhowatches 12 years ago

Highly recommended. I also had problems loading initially - this was resolved by installing the package libgl1-mesa-dri to enable OpenGL system wide.

mikefreeman 12 years ago

This does not work for me. When run, it simply freezes until I force it to quit. Terminal output gives no indication that there is a problem. I have to use the KDE version instead, although I would rather have a Gnome-based version..