Very fast, flexible and easy to configure web server
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Cherokee is a very fast, flexible and easy to configure web server. it supports the widespread technologies nowadays: fastcgi, scgi, php, cgi, tls and ssl encrypted connections, virtual hosts, authentication, on the fly encoding, apache compatible log files, http load balancing, data base balancing, ssi, reverse http proxy and much more.

cherokee also provides an easy to use configuration interface that allows one to configure the server from top to bottom without having to edit a text configuration file.

this package contains the server and essential handlers.
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scott65 9 years ago

Nope. Didn't work for me. Maybe that's why when you hit the link "Proud Cherokee Users" you get a 404 error...

gribevo 10 years ago

Very slick admin GUI interface through web browser. This allowed me to find and use nice server features I would not otherwise not have used with other less user-friendly servers.

Elisa 11 years ago

Cool ! It cannot be said that it's better than lighttpd because Cherokkee is mostly for newbie aka GUI users. Lighttpd is mostly for CLI configuration ;), so ... :)

sojin 11 years ago

Most stable and fastest web server.. better than apache, lighthttpd. Better that nginx for dynamic content)