Chromium web browser, open-source version of Chrome
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An open-source browser project that aims to build a safer, faster, and more stable way for all Internet users to experience the web.
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phil995511 1 week ago

Essential software

_Josue_ 1 week ago

Ah, the Open Source version of Chrome. I can enjoy Google stuff without bothering too much. For everything else I prefer Firefox

explorer79 2 weeks ago

Works like a charm. Just don't install chromium-chromedriver with it, because some YouTube videos won't play then.

newmintterman 3 months ago

Firefox and Chrome seems to be more stable browsers. You can't login to Netflix with Chromium for example.

rawaniajay 6 months ago

Better than FireFox !

Orgulas 6 months ago

Much much much faster than Firefox when playing games on Facebook.

Winnie 7 months ago

Is it just me, or are advertisement and click traps a feature of chromium? Once in a while pages with ads come up. I just clicked on a link, within a government site and a casino bandit came up. I had these problems with this browser before and uninstalled it. Will have to do it again and use Opera instead.

Dalde 7 months ago

La mejor alternativa a Chrome. Es recomendable.

FinixFighter 8 months ago

Great! It works perfectly. It's better than Firefox in playing facebook games (on my pc)

Jendrej 8 months ago

Chrome/Chromium is the go-to browser as of now, with Firefox displaying page elements incorrectly.

SebastJava 8 months ago

Fast, simple, zen interface, and no bugs.

neyesamu5 9 months ago

Está en inglés, yo hablo español. It is in english, I speak spanish.

Kellyh 10 months ago

keeps asking for my computer admin login when I start chromium? seems suspision.

gnappi 11 months ago

Better than expected. Being frustrated seeing the support team request herculean tasks for get firefox working I installed Chromium. The nagging glitches Firefox has are gone, ALL images load, even the lost ability to reply to Craig's list ads is back. Add to that Chromiun imported my FF boookmarks I'm quite happy. After using Netscape navigator ->>> Firefox all these years it was a grasp onto a browser I let go of reluctantly, I'm glad I did.

bucky927 11 months ago

Same as Google Chrome browser, minus the spying part

felippe09032018 1 year ago

Should be the default browser

Caltrop 1 year ago

have to login with some password I don't know - it's the ROOT password... & most chrome extensions do not work

dmt0609 1 year ago


dtstrickland 1 year ago

As of right now it crashes everytime I launch it.

nizzro 1 year ago

it's the best browser for web serfing