C, c++ and objective-c compiler (llvm based)
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Clang project is a c, c++, objective c and objective c++ front-end for the llvm compiler. some of its goals include the following:

end-user features:

* fast compiles and low memory use
* expressive diagnostics (examples)
* gcc compatibility
utility and applications:

* modular library based architecture
* support diverse clients (refactoring, static analysis, code
generation, etc)
* allow tight integration with ides
* use the llvm 'bsd' license
internal design and implementation:

* a real-world, production quality compiler
* a simple and hackable code base
* a single unified parser for c, objective c, c++, and objective c++
* conformance with c/c++/objc and their variants
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jahid_0903014 8 years ago

A powerful compiler