contrib plugins for Code::Blocks IDE
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This package extends Code::Blocks functionality a great deal with the included plugins. These are: * Code profiler (based on gprof) and code statistics (SLOCs etc) * Copy strings * DragScroll (enhances mouse operations) * Setting of environment variables * Source exporter to PDF/HTML/ODT/RTF * Header fixup * Help * Keyboard shortcuts configuration * RAD gui-builder for wxWidgets (wxSmith) * wxSmith AUI and wxSmith contrib items * Selection of small games for relaxing between coding sessions! (BYOGames) * Autoversioning * ThreadSearch * BrowseTracker * Valgrind * HexEditor * IncrementalSearch * Codesnippets * Library finder * Regular expression testbed * Symbol table plugin * CB koders * MouseSap * Cccc * CppCheck
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tp0x45 5 years ago

Cool set of plugins

Erased 7 years ago

In the windows version this comes by default. If you are doing any kind of real work in C::B you should install this as well.

ryanpcmcquen 12 years ago

Love the export plugin, makes turning in homework awesome, because I don't lose that sweet syntax highlighting!