educational programming strategy game
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Colobot (Colonize with Bots) is an educational game aiming to teach programming through entertainment. You are playing as an astronaut on a journey with robot helpers to find a planet for colonization. It features 3D real-time graphics and a C++ and Java-like, object-oriented language, CBOT, which can be used to program the robots available in the game.
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QuAzI 8 years ago

Great idea, but now in Mint too old version and it crashes, crashes and crashes...

kajttek 9 years ago

Świetna gra. Sam grałem w nią z 10 lat temu na widnowsie. Teraz mój 8 letni brat w nią grywa i świtnie się bawi. A ja uczę go czasem programować roboty w C++. Go to bawi i uczy, a i ja przypominam sobie podstawy programowania.