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Brave is on a mission to fix the web by giving users a safer, faster and better browsing experience while growing support for content creators through a new attention-based ecosystem of rewards.

Browse faster by blocking ads and trackers that violate your privacy and cost you time and money.

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mntnstndrd 2 months ago

Brave Sync says settings are managed by my administrator when I don't have one? I uninstalled and installed the way the Brave website says

Nightwalker82 2 months ago

At the beginning of 2024, this is the best browser. On Linux Mint works perfectly despite Flatpak.

davidosunamusic 2 months ago

Personalmente para mi el mejor browser. Ademas de mantener lejos las publicidades y demas me deja navegar a una velocidad que otros navegadores sueñan

danost 3 months ago

Requirement to use keyring to open browser fixed in this version

MattP 4 months ago

the download feature on this package is messed up. It wants to default to /run/user/1000/doc/ instead of the Downloads file. But when I apt install it from the terminal it works properly.

GorillaASeaLover 4 months ago

Neat Browser gets stuff done for me dont need to spend much time configuring.

Vertical 5 months ago

Occasionally using it as an alternative to Firefox. Not working with it often but for me it's a nice alternative if my modified primary browser could not work. Definitely better & more secure browser than many others.

JE77 6 months ago

Very Good!

0xLinux 6 months ago

underated, brave is the best browser

kuru 6 months ago

terrible. promociona la privacidad pero los ajustes por defecto son de pánico. además basado en CHROME!!!! terrible!!!

Touristos3 7 months ago

Great browser for Everyday use! I absolutely love how it performs after using the MS Edge for a long time which caused a lot of problems on my laptop with freezing and all of that stuff, which caused system become unresponsive all the time I was using it.

taskee 7 months ago

For me personally, the best web browser I've been using for two years now, it blocks ads successfully and has great synchronization with android brave browser, and it's also faster than mozilla firefox on my old pc.

jsmac 8 months ago

My go-to browser. It blocks tons of ads without having to install plugins that may or may not be spying on you. I'm in an extremely remote area with no high-speed internet - only a mobile hotspot that gets mediocre reception and speed (about 50kb/s). This browser saves me time by not loading ads. Works well in blocking ads in YouTube also.

darkguset 9 months ago

Not sure what is going on with this one. For a 'privacy' focused browser it did the complete opposite! Searching for a term in incognito mode, exit the browser, restart the PC, fire up Brave and the first thing that comes up on my screen (normal mode!) is the term I had searched in incognito mode! Uninstalled right after this flop.

Firebrand 10 months ago

Works as intented. There's a bug in the version I use. Whenever I restart the app, it switches back to light mode instead of staying in dark mode.

addisonsparks 1 year ago

Glad it's finally on the software manager. Brave has been my favorite browser for many years on both phones and PC

SpokedAs 1 year ago

Love it. Keep up the good work Brave Software!

tinfoil_hat 1 year ago

Top Tier Browser!

SHenion 1 year ago

Follow the instruction on the brave website to install. This version is a bit old. The Brave website version will import Chrome and FF settings. The flatpack version required manually export/import. Their version is faster and uses less memory.

MackoZakran 1 year ago

I love it, how that block adds, mainly in youtube.