Share files over the local network
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Teleport is a fast way to share files over the local network. It's designed to be a replacement for using USB keys or emailing stuff to yourself just to move them on another device on your desk.
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tadeuwaf 1 year ago

in the LINUX MINT 19.3 & MINT 20 do not work! This installs, locates the file to be transferred, but after sending, it returns to the beginning as if we had canceled the operation. I tried to send from MINT 19 to 20 and after 20 to 19 and it doesn't work. No LINUX MINT 19.3 & MINT 20 não funcionam! Este instala, localiza o arquivo a ser transferido, mas depois do enviar, vol ta ao início como se tivessemos cancelado a operação. tentei enviar do MINT 19 para o 20 e depois do 20 para o 19 e não funciona.

Mintbel 3 years ago

On Linux Mint 18.2 Sylvia doesn't appear to work. The "search for other devices" panel seems to go on for ever..."