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Gydl (Graphical youtube-dl) is a tool that enables downloading of content from YouTube and many other sites. It provides a minimal interface based on dialogues, making it quick and easy to download multimedia content.
Because user needs vary, Gydl supports both audio and video downloads. If a selected format is not available at the source, Gydl will attempt to convert it.
Gydl is based upon the popular youtube-dl program, which can be found on GitHub. A big thank you to the developer(s).
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dmaster 10 months ago

App not working; says "Your video (audio) was not downloaded...", whatever is the clip address and output format.

smaug 1 year ago

why 768,5 mb?

mint-rjw 2 years ago

Great try but doesnt work as advertised; zero settings, zero -v on the youtube-dl command, no idea whats going on and not very helpful with the error or complete messages.

Mint-Account 2 years ago

Downloads audio but not video from Youtube. Just saying "Download Unsuccessful". If worked would be great tool. But i suppose it's youtube-dl problem after all.

70_Tangocharlie 2 years ago

Many thanks to the developer. This is a wonderful program for downloading videos from YouTube. Great work! On some of the older videos you may have to change to lower definition for downloading.

spasm01 3 years ago

audio downloads do not seem to work anymore, video still downloads fine though

dfo222 3 years ago

Works really well. Couple of small additions would make it great: feedback while the download is in progress (at the moment, you see nothing), remembering the settings between downloads within one session (e.g. audio quality).