Edit images and paint digitally
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Pinta is a image editing, drawing and painting application with a simple yet powerful interface. Pinta has a wide range of drawing tools, including: freehand, rectangles, circles and lines. It also has over 35 effects to apply to your images, and also has the ability to create unlimited layers to help organize your creativity.

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dalers 7 months ago

My goto app for quick image editing. Installed on Mint 21.2.

cyclist_Netherlands 2 years ago

Pinta 1.7 (flatpack) works stable on my Linux Mint 20.2 Cinnamon.

soulstenance 3 years ago

So far this appears to be the best feature for feature drop in replacement for (which I love). The new 1.7 update seems promising as a lot of people were complaining about bugs and issues before. I observed no issues in this version. I just hope the Mint repository gets updated soon as the Flatpak of this app is a whopping 2.4 GB! The one thing I noticed is the app doesn't warn you when saving in a certain format will result in the image being flattened (it still flattens it but doesn't warn you). Not a huge deal as most people should be aware that this will happen but would be a nice touch.

bhermance 3 years ago

its awesome. pretty close to Photoshop and GIMP!

dnsbob 3 years ago

Still crashes on LM19.3