Text editor with many web and software development extras
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ChazNabin 1 year ago

Confirmed working for Microsoft Azure as of November 2022

IP2I 3 years ago

I gave it a (2 score) because of the fact that has of 8/22/20 The application software isnt opening since last MINT Update it was working great before the new update came and would be a 5/5 rating please fix.

jedgell233 4 years ago

It's exactly what it says. Works perfectly and love that I can have multiple accounts set up with it. When I was using Windows, I used Oracle Authenticator so was very happy to find this one when I switched to Linux :D

derrend 5 years ago

Works great, was just what I was looking for.

justhelpingothers 5 years ago

It's perfect. Works smoothly even with sites that aren't listed, just insert the code you have been provided and it will immediately start generating your passwors. It's similar to WinAuth