MPV Client for Jellyfin Media Server
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Jellyfin MPV Shim is a client for the Jellyfin media server which plays media in the MPV media player. There is a desktop client mode which displays the Jellyfin Web App, as well as a less resource-intensive background shim application which opens MPV only when media is cast to the player. The player supports most file formats, allowing you to prevent needless transcoding of your media files on the server. The player also has advanced features, such as bulk subtitle updates and launching commands on events.
Please read the detailed instructions on GitHub for more details, including usage instructions and configuration details.
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squadramunter 1 year ago

Nice cliënt to use. You can host your own Plex Alternative with more features and best of all it's all free and open source! Cliënt support is not that great but they get there soon I think.