Discover and listen to internet radio stations
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Make listening to internet radio stations fun again!

Instead of providing you with all the stations you already know, Tuner presents you a new selection of stations from all over the world every time you hit the Shuffle button.

Tuner uses the community-driven station catalog

  • Discover new stations every day
  • Star stations you like and visit their website
  • Control Tuner from your volume indicator
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kurniadji97 1 year ago

A little tiny apps that not just for listening radio stream, but also can watch some TV channel. Just search "TV" , and than you can try if it can be used for watching TV. Very thank @louis77 ! !

FinixFighter 1 year ago

Best radio app I found in the store

Butch 1 year ago

On my Linux Mint 20.03 Una it crashed twice almost immediately, froze once and then would not load after restart. Don't waste your time unless you just love to play with "Timeshift"

andikok 1 year ago

It s a very good radio app...Many stations!!!It misses search capabilities ex. If you type search your wanted country you don t get all the stations, even when you find them by name and declaring country in the info box.

renatonagis 1 year ago

This application is very amazyng! It's contains a very large amount of radio stations!

JonnyBarbun87 1 year ago

Eccellente applicazione: molto leggera e dotata di un ottimo database, soprattutto!

sebadamus 3 years ago

Maybe its the flathub version or my linux install, but its gets freezed from time to time... you still hear the radio but cant access the GUI, wont respond, have to kill it from flathub kill command.

cezarnavruc 3 years ago

It is good internet radio app. I do not like the fact if I want to modify the volume I have to modify volume for all system. I think it is necesary to have own volume knob. I found all the stations that I need. Also for next version it will be usefull to work even the laptop screen is locked. A compact list also will be welcome.

louis771 3 years ago

Simple the best radio app for Mint.