Audio Effects for PulseAudio Applications
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PulseEffects is an advanced audio manipulation tools. It includes an equalizer, limiter, compressor and a reverberation tool, just to mention a few. To complement this there is also a built in spectrum analyzer.
Because PulseEffects uses the default PulseAudio sound server it will work with most, if not all, applications you use. All supported applications are presented in the main window, where each can be enabled individually.
Besides manipulating sound output, PulseEffects is able to apply effects to an input device, such as a microphone. This is, for example, useful in audio recording, but it also works well during voice conversations.
When PulseEffects is launched it will conveniently remember the configuration used in the last session. It is also possible to save all the current settings as profiles.
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Dudus 5 days ago

As it installs, I'm commenting.

clairtonmichel 1 week ago

excelente o melhor da categoria, excelent

WhiteWolfe 1 week ago

a graphic equalizer that leaves hardly anything to be desired ... Thanks

jper0711 7 months ago

Amazing but when I installed for the firts time the graphic equalizer sliders never showed up, when reinstalled for the second time every thing is working properly. This is a brilliant pice of software and deserve the installer problem to be fixed, as a reference I used the flatpak installer.

unclemonkey 8 months ago

I can't make my own presets but the ones included are great. Makes my 12 year computer sound like a music store.

Dineshkm 1 year ago


oscar_dziki 2 years ago

This is by far the best piece of audio equalizing software I have seen. Nothing to compare to in windows realm. For starters it has 30 ( fully customizable) band equalizer and many many effects. Just amazing. Highly recommended. For me this software alone is good enought reason for using Linux.

maslobojik 2 years ago

It's the best audio effects in the world. Windows are even don't have it )

Khyree 2 years ago

I have the PERFECT soundstage with this, I got it running on Startup so I can have a perdect soundstage every single time I'm at my computer also Its hooked up to the Edifier R1280T Muiltmedia Monitors. I have the PPA version (if this is the flatpak version)

mint4life 2 years ago

YES. I don't know why it was so hard for me to find an audio equalizer, but this one is GREAT! Unfortunately, it causes my speakers to cut out intermittently and I had to uninstall to fix it, so I'm only leaving 4 stars. Does anyone know why this happens? Help would be appreciated! (If I can get it working properly I will change my rating back to 5 stars.)

richf 2 years ago

Whoever coded this is a freakin Audio genius! SO many tweaks available. Thanks for this!

OmegaDarkMage 2 years ago

Makes my cheap $20 dollar speakers sound so much better lol

yusren 2 years ago

Awesome App! now my Active Speaker won't hurt my ears anymore

Mash 2 years ago

Great to narrow VOIP input to to clear up output bandwidth when multiple audio streams are active

Blackadder 3 years ago

Bought some cheap headphones for €2 with shitty audio quality. Easily fixed with this equalizer.

Cmysh 3 years ago

Прекрасная штука, очень доволен результатом. для повседневного использования - считаю идеальным

dmreiser 3 years ago

This has so many features its incredible. This will take care of all of your sound needs as far as equlization. Its highly customizable. I love it!