A Client for Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Servers
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The itopia Remote Desktop Client is an enhanced user client for the remote desktop protocol (RDP). By providing a custom client, itopia offers features and functionality not natively available while still leveraging the protocol for its excellent remote session capabilities.
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davidhine99 4 days ago

so far so good! connecting to windows (for work... :-) and its doing multi monitor and it feels faster than a few others iv tried. cheers!

moonerhoosier 4 months ago

It works fine except for one fatal flaw: the keyboard stops responding in Mint whenever a session is running. The keyboard works fine on the remote machine. Having to disconnect the session each time just to type into Mint is a deal breaker and I'd contact the developer but there doesn't seem to be such an option. Remmina works great, I'd stick with that.

cor9957 1 year ago

I always used Xfreerdp because I could then use multiple monitors, which isn't possible in Remmina. I just discovered Itopia and now I can use multiple monitors, great! Tested it for a little while now and it works great, thank you for this great piece of software!

dazkgoodwin 1 year ago

Just trying this desktop client as finding Remmina a little slow for RDP to work, and this appears so far a little quicker, which is great! It's hard finding RDP clients for Linux that work as good as Microsoft RDP clients in Windows.