Whatsapp Desktop for Linux
  6 reviews

Much faster, more beautiful and more powerful.

Features include:

  • Features come with Whatsapp web
  • Multiple users
  • Icon in systray with different icon if there is new messages
  • Customizable Systray icons
  • System style (light and dark)
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Background running
  • Spellchecker
  • Drag and drop
  • Work area notifications
  • Personalized window decoration
  • Shortcuts for the main options

What doesn't include: Video calls and On-call calls

Latest reviews
markos9310 1 week ago

Funciona perfectamente. Su apariencia es hermosa.

dirkjanl 1 month ago

No call and videocalling possible. No use for me.

timcarry 2 months ago

It has worked better than several others I have tried. The best is the spell check and right click correct works

Klausur 2 months ago

it works fine and does everything I want to do. I only must become used to how the way switching by f11 between full screen a window.

eugenevdm 3 months ago

There are currently three WhatsApp clients on the Mint software market and this one is the best. The comment about Google is misguided because behind the scenes these products are wrappers around a browser and Chrome happens to be the market leader.

ttjimera 4 months ago

A wonderful WhatsApp client for Linux. Have been using it for the past week and found it to be a delight.