Elegant Facebook Messenger desktop app
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Caprine is an unofficial and privacy-focused Facebook Messenger app with many useful features.

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henfredemars 4 months ago

Works, but if you look at the GitHub there are issues. It's kinda sorta maintained, but don't expect to do any calling. However, it's more than suitable if you need a basic desktop client for Messenger.

pyroblue 6 months ago

It is working well now. There are no delays. I have had worse experience with windows app-store version ;)

rahiseli 8 months ago

It is freezing after few minutes. Its not good at all

Priodor 1 year ago

I don't know how well it handles audio or video calls because I haven't used it for those. It's great for text and images - nice alternative to a browser/app.

fattila02 1 year ago

It's completely useless in recent times. During a call the screen after a few seconds goes completely white, the other party's voice is lost, the program does not respond to anything.