Powerful private cloud storage with no recurring fees
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Now, Synology makes it possible for every home and office to host your own cloud – with 100% data ownership and no subscription fees. See how this changes the way we live and work, access and share data.

NOTE: A system tray extension, such as AppIndicator or TopIcons, is highly recommended for better experience.

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Murkin 3 days ago


Maarten7492 11 months ago

Works perfectly. It is the latest version, same as on the Synology download page

tony2times 2 years ago

I downloaded the Synology Drive Software directly from Synology - Version 2.0.3 and it is working great. Has a great feature that backs up any new files that are added/ammended imediately to the NAS rather than waiting for a backup time/schedule to kick in. Using this for my file data but still using the Transmission app for OS backup recovery, which is more suitable for that. Had to recovery the OS on a couple of occasions from an external drive with Transmission backups and worked v well.

BarryT 3 years ago

This app' has serious bugs. The bugs in this flatpak are mainly due to bugs in the proprietary Synology Drive Client: During initial installation you are able to choose which folders to back up. However, on the first run, the software ignores your selection and backs-up the entire HOME directory. The flatpak app' also fails to set the Drive Client as an app' on the start up list.