Twitch desktop client
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Allows searching for and watching Twitch streams from the desktop.
Notable Features:
Watch your favourite streams natively with fully accelerated videoBuilt in chat which can even be overlayed over the videoEasy favourites/follows management and receive notifications when they are online
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quickblack 1 week ago

it doesn't work... can't play video...

mikeflan 1 week ago

This is not being maintained and is not working properly. Use Streamlink + Streamlink Twitch GUI instead per this link:

mintkiwi 10 months ago

Borken Jun 2020, errors "Unable to fetch items because: Unable to fetch top channels with amount '18', offset '0' and game '' because: Received unsuccessful response from url" No functions appear to work.

mean_1 2 years ago

Works well. if you want the chat you have to drag it out from the right side!

mattig89ch 2 years ago

Works well for viewing, but the chat doesn't display.