Visual Studio Code. Code editing. Redefined.
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Visual Studio Code is a new choice of tool that combines the simplicity of a code editor with what developers need for the core edit-build-debug cycle.
This is the proprietary Microsoft build of Visual Studio Code, packaged into a Flatpak. This repackaging is not supported by Microsoft.
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asbelous 1 week ago

Отличная сборка. Всё прекрасно работает!

Catatumbo 1 month ago

Me resulto util, pero el inconveniente lo tuve al utilizar la terminal ya que no reconocia algunos comandos. si vas a utilizarla recomiendo instalar el .DEB de la pagina oficial.

TraX22 8 months ago


iloving 1 year ago

Very buggy. Copy/Paste is unreliable. You cannot use any extensions that require access to external applications (like SVN) because the environment is chroot'ed and those external apps simply can't be found.

paulo_giovanny 1 year ago

There are bugs! Install .deb from the oficial site.

ijash 1 year ago

not a recommendation. still buggy. i prefer to download from the official site.

tekk 1 year ago

This package caused me two days of headache. Built-in terminal in VSCode didn't recognized most of the system commands, and pretty much nothing worked as it should. My friendly advice is to not install this package, but to install official .deb package file from VSCode downloads page instead.

Heldenhirn 1 year ago

I love VS Code, but not a fan of this flatpak. Most things work like usual, but the things that do not work are very annoying. In terminal the "code" command does not work. Not all folders show up in nemo (file manager) when you "open new folder". Also if something does not work, because you need root, the pop-up asking you to try it as root won't work. In the version you can download from the offical website these things work.

stann1 1 year ago

Even if you have reservations towards Microsoft products, you should try this one! it is the best text editor/IDE hybrid. Just do not expect it to be a full substitute to IntelliJ (for Java) or Visual Studio (for .NET)

lefty06 1 year ago

Started with Sublime text then Atom and relatively recently discovered Vscode with all the skepticism that brings a Microsft driven product...but it is really excellent with plenty of extensions, an intuitive interface. It might overtake Sublime text and Atom (love it)

fatihbahceci 1 year ago

Gerçekten çok başarılı bir editör olmuş. Tebrik ediyorum.

paranatox 2 years ago

I'm a little bit surprised with the size of program, but I love it. Everyone who wants simple and nice code editor should try it!

jlawrence 2 years ago

I have used other editors with similar functions and capabilities and it compares favourably. I will recommend this to anybody.

minawk 2 years ago

With Vim extension, it's the best!

ddm19xx 2 years ago

I have been using this code editor with mac and windows. I decided to switch the windows to linux mint, here it is again. It has never disapointed this Kenyan guy.

hecthor 2 years ago

Works fine and it's an awesome tool but this flatpak installation doesn't install the command line "code", so I installed from the official website via .deb package.

thinsmoke 2 years ago

Haven't managed to get dotnet core to run with this installation. Had to download the one off the official site. Can't figure out why, though..

sodavid 2 years ago

very good! it's a great work in progress

reinoldo 2 years ago

Awesome tool !