Console newsreader and emailer
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Cone is a text-based mail client. cone seamlessly handles multiple pop3, imap accounts, and local mail folders. cone is also a simple newsreader. cone's interface is foolproof enough to be used by inexperienced users, but it also offers advanced features for power users.

beyond others cone has support for pgp, gpg, utf-8, imap, pop3, incoming html mails, external viewers, nntp, socks 5, ssl/tls, sasl, ldap and imap based address books, remote storable configuration, multiple accounts, tagging mails with several different flags, and smap (simple mail access protocol, a new imap and pop3 replacement developed by the courier guys and supported by the courier development versions).
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robertofmj 10 years ago

Easy to configure, in relation with mutt and alpine. Nice text-based mail,