Dungeon Crawl, a roguelike game, tiles version
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Crawl is a fun game in the grand tradition of games like Rogue, Hack, and Moria. Your objective is to travel deep into a subterranean cave complex and retrieve the Orb of Zot, which is guarded by many horrible and hideous creatures.

This is the graphical (tiles) version.

This is the Stone Soup version of Dungeon Crawl.
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LinuxMike 5 years ago

I did not expect to find this gem in the Software Manager. I don't normally like top down rpgs or rogue likes but WOW. This game is from what I can see, almost perfection. Give it a shot and get sucked in.

gloriousigor 7 years ago

This is no old game, this is an actively developed, highly refined, extremely detailed, yet easy to play, at the same time. Turn-based keyboard game relying upon strategy, rather than reflexes. No mouse needed, nor much hardware power. If you like D&D, you will like this.

Fambida 7 years ago

The Mint repo contains an outdated version. Check for instructions on adding their own repo with up to date versions.

axel668 8 years ago

Best rogue- like, easy to play, hard to master

Johnper 8 years ago

Very funny rogue-like!

Musickiller 9 years ago

awesome, but better download from site.

SirGreatNose 9 years ago

One of the best in the genre. Funny how such a simple game can possess so many for so long.

bandit6789 11 years ago

Fun, classic crawler game, good if you like that sort of thing