Concurrent Versions System
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CVS is a version control system, which allows you to keep access to old versions of files (usually source code), keep a log of who, when, and why changes occurred, etc., like RCS or SCCS. It handles multiple developers, multiple directories, triggers to enable/log/control various operations, and can work over a wide area network. The texinfo manual provides further information on more tasks that it can perform.

There are some tasks that are not covered by CVS. They can be done in conjunction with CVS but will tend to require some script-writing and software other than CVS. These tasks are bug-tracking, build management (that is, make and make-like tools), and automated testing. However, CVS makes these tasks easier.

This package contains a CVS binary which can act as both client and server, although there is no CVS dæmon; to access remote repositories, please use :extssh: not :pserver: any more.
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malvi 10 years ago

I still need it!

Kissaki 11 years ago

An early version control system. Outdated nowadays, with much better options. Although it works, use one of the alternative.

Steampunk-Nick 11 years ago

useful tool

NicolasRobidoux 11 years ago

CVS is an "old way" of doing version control. Use svn or git instead if you have a choice..