Utility to help sys admins thwart SSH crackers
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DenyHosts is a program that automatically blocks SSH brute-force attacks by adding entries to /etc/hosts.deny. It will also inform Linux administrators about offending hosts, attacked users and suspicious logins.

Synchronization with a central server is possible too.

Differently from other software that do same work, denyhosts doesn't need support for packet filtering or any other kind of firewall in your kernel.

DenyHosts unfortunately does not support IPv6.
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daeme 11 years ago

everyone running sshd should have denyhosts or something similar since openssh-server has no native brute force attack protection. the only thing I miss would be to be able to run my own sync-server. great app anyway!

jmuwill 12 years ago

a must have companion for openssh-server

xpd259 12 years ago

A good option to have if your running a ssh server

zulugrid 12 years ago

Awesome utility. A "must have".

AndrewX192 12 years ago

One of the best tools to lock out hackers who try to crack usernames and passwords on your linux server. If your running openssh-server be sure to install this.