Display switcher for attaching/detaching displays easily
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No more headaches just before your presentation. Disper lets you add and remove display devices at the press of a button. It detects what display devices are attached at the moment, and configures the display output automatically. You can specify whether to clone the output on all displays, or to extend the desktop.
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LiGnux 4 years ago

But with Mint 19 (and the new kernel) it doesn work. Nothing happend. Before it worked very well together with "Switch Display on the fly". Whaz the Problem?

Knezev87 5 years ago

radi lepo :)

gloomshroud 7 years ago

An excellent little tool. Disper doesn't care about your screens, it just WORKS. I have a really odd setup, and disper doesn't care. It's an excellent tool. Highly recommended to NVidia folks.

MagicMint 8 years ago

The ideal tool in Linux’ defense in face of a presentation with a beamer, or the family sitting in front of a large TV panel and waiting for that HD video from the notebook… Properly configured, it can achieve much more with a single press of a button than Windows or even Mac OS X.