Easy to use bitcoin client
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This package provides a light weight bitcoin client which protects you from loosing your bitcoin in a backup mistake or computer failure. also electrum does not require waiting time because it does not download bitcoin block chain.

features of the electurm are listed. below
* instant on: client does not download block chain, uses remote
* forgiving: wallet can be recovered from secret seed.
* safe: seed or private keys are not sent to the server,
information received from the server is verified using spv.
* no downtimes: several public servers are available, so one can
switch instantly.
* ubiquitous: same wallet can be used on different server, it will
auto syncrhonize.
* open: private keys can be exported into other clients.
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pandabar 4 years ago

does not download

fotonix 6 years ago

Do use the version from their website, this one is way behind and gives performance problems. But it is a very good wallet!!

Scrlowtch 7 years ago

Oh yeah