advanced text-mode WWW browser
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ELinks is a feature-rich program for browsing the web in text mode. It is like enhanced Lynx and Links. The most noteworthy features of ELinks are:

* Lots of protocols (local files, finger, HTTP(S), FTP, IPv4/6 etc.) * Internationalized domain names * Persistent cookies, HTTP authentication and proxy authentication * Tabbed browsing, good looking menus and dialogs, and key-binding manager * History browsing and typeahead searches * Forms history and completion, and history in commonly used input dialogs * CSS support and support for browser scripting (Perl, Lua, Guile etc.) * Tables and frames rendering, and configurable color support * Compressed and background (non-blocking) downloads, and download resuming

This package is based on felinks fork, since original elinks seems to be no longer maintained.
Latest reviews
rahul 3 years ago

Best text only browser out there. For graphics try links2.

manu73 7 years ago

impressive.. no more distraction when i read something in the web

lib2know 8 years ago

great and handy terminal web browser tabbed browsing; even for users not familiar with the terminal cause everything is based on menus (press ) and dialogs

stleon 10 years ago

Like this

danbarrese 11 years ago

I'm very impressed by this. I use it on my old laptop. The best text browser I've used!

gadgetboi 11 years ago

more user friendly than lynx, save alot of Bandwidthwhen you use quota internet provider

tsagas 11 years ago

Great text-based web browser, very intuitive, easy to use, full featured. Very useful for troubleshooting when your graphical environment breaks for some reason.

robertofmj 12 years ago

Excelent fo read long web articles, with no images distractions ! Rembember its a text browser with no images.

wzbld 12 years ago

Great for lite browsing while heavy downloading or just general reading. Wonderful usability. A classic.

khai 12 years ago

Text www browsers? No thank you. We are beyond their time.