Evolution RSS Reader Plugin
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This plugin adds RSS Feeds support for evolution mail.

With this package you are able to have RSS in same place as mails, eliminating the need of having a separate RSS reader since a RSS Article is like an email message.

Evolution RSS can display an article using summary view or HTML view.
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TClark77 5 years ago

Crashes evolution when trying to read an rss/atom feed. Have to restart the computer to get Evolution to restart without core dumping.

JCH2 7 years ago

[UPDATE 14-11-10: Does not install from the Mint repository.] convoluted setup in some ways. crashes evolution everytime I set and read an rss/atom feed. Especially bad if you install the most uptodate version... vs. the 3 year old on in most Linux app stores.

sotitrox 10 years ago

muy bueno, aunque podria ser mejor el sistema incorporado a evolution, como una categoria mas...

asmayr 11 years ago

Permite ler RSS na interface do Evolution.