Catalyst control center for the amd graphics accelerators
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Catalyst control center for the amd radeon and firegl graphics accelerators.

this package provides the catalyst control center, linux edition
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Dono 8 years ago

An inferior version of MS Windows AMD Radeon Catalyst Control Center. Has the basic but lacks the more advance features like "Overdrive", "Crossfire" and etc... Still a must install if you have an AMD/ATI/Radeon based card or hardware. You need to be in root or superuser priviliges in order to change the settings.

htcmicah 8 years ago

Takes a bit of work to get working right, at least for me it did. You can't use the control center slider to change fan speed like in Windows, but there's a comman you can use from the terminal to do it. Anyone with a 69xx series card will understand the need for this. Overall, it's good but could use a bit more fleshing out.

HerrDierk 8 years ago

There's been a lot of improvement here. It's still not 100% but at least I can install it without any problems. If I wish to play some games, in some cases I get an error about the driver, but if I compare this to the older drivers it is one step forward. I use the drivers on a AMD/ATI HD7670m with Mint 17

pocketpda 9 years ago

поставил накрылась система, удалил всё заработало. Наверно не докурил мануль

michaeljwjr 10 years ago

I installed this, yet can't get AMDCCCLE to launch from temrinal or doing a search.

delevero 10 years ago

It installed on linux mint, and after a few tries i managed to install the ati driver for my ATI 6990HD.. I did not try to play games.. Only little thing it aske med to use the catalyst as a super user (im admin) i dont know how to do login or find superuser login.