Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla
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Firefox delivers safe, easy web browsing. A familiar user interface, enhanced security features including protection from online identity theft, and integrated search let you get the most out of the web.
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bullfroggie 2 days ago

I've been using Firefox for the last 10 years, and will not switch to anything else any time soon.

eyeeze 3 days ago

I switched from Chromium a few months ago. I'm very impressed. The things that stand out for me are: stability, customizability and commitment to privacy and security.

busdriver12 5 days ago

Have been using Firefox since Netscape ended. Always reliable and secure

Linuxwins 1 month ago

Firefox hat mich noch nie im Stich gelassen. Ein astreiner Netzerkunder, für den es eine Vielzahl von Erweiterungen gibt.

mridulgain 2 months ago

Please update the firefox to its latest version...

Hoerli 2 months ago

Ein Glück ist Firefox in Linux Mint der Standardbrowser und Chromium bleibt draußen! Als zweitbrowser noch Waterfox und das System ist perfekt. Firefox läuft super und ohne nennenswerte Probleme.

madmax95 2 months ago

Great!! It has become a lot faster than it was a year ago, I could say as fast as chrome (if not faster)! And a lot more secure and private than chrome!

EnnedouyAchraf 3 months ago

I trust this browser

rawaniajay 3 months ago

Best Browser For GNU/Linux Distributions!

Qwanturank26 3 months ago

Im happy with this browser, everything works fine in my configuration

Milouone 4 months ago

Since 3 weeks make my computer blocked when i try to launch it :-(

Stormy 4 months ago

Good browser, with a lot of useful extensions!

SliweQ 5 months ago

It is good but eating too much my RAM ;/. Extensions work correctly

Mumbly58 5 months ago

This is the best, for two reasons : Privacy (i don't trust google), and Extensions i use for my work.

nowakowski 8 months ago

Other browsers do not exist for me. Mozilla, thank you for your enormous work and respect for privacy.

Ilovelinux 9 months ago

Really good because it allow a lot of extensions.

Darroch 10 months ago

Opera from the Opera website is smarter, faster. more full featured and better.

eduardo_5596 11 months ago

El mejor explorador Web que puede existir para cualquier sistema operativo. Respeta la privacidad y es altamente configurable.

pizzalovingnerd 1 year ago

Firefox is an Amazing browser, but there is one thing keeping me from giving it a 5. Sometimes firefox uses GTK themes on things like Text Boxes, but it doesn't change the font. So if you have a dark gtk theme, then you will have black text on a black background. Other then that Firefox is amazing, but this issue makes me give it a 3...

Gloworange 1 year ago

very good browser