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The Mozilla Firefox Web Browser.
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Drizzle 1 week ago

It won't tell you when it needs to be restarted after an update or when an update is available. It will just stop working, telling you you don't have internet. Otherwise, it's the firefox you know and love.

Tke111 1 month ago

Coul'd anybody tell me why the only browser that going right is firefox.Going in to the deep: I tried chrom, chromium, opera .....and the same issue: very slow (when I type sth as I finish, It appears with some delay after a sec); every browser works as it were way to modern for my laptop? I know that it is kinda old , I bought it many years ago equiped with core2duo,ssd sata 3GB Ram. But win7 worked perfect, win10 quite ok. taking into account that I used it only for typical office stuff(internet, mail,typing etc). After some time I decided to change it to Linux as it was told to be way faster /safer and less problematic, relaible(let me put it that way) and I'm a bit disappointed. I know that people's got quite similar configuration and not having such issue.I even decided to change mint to the Xfce interface which is told to be the best choice for old laptops but finally only firefox works quite good on my Mint-Xfce. Has everybody met with this issue?

Fonzie 2 months ago

This is the fully up-to-date version of Firefox, the only difference between this and the Flatpak version is that this one is a bit faster, while the flatpak version can't access all the files on your system. The last one can be a problem if you're working with local HTML files, so I recommend going with this version of Firefox.

severin 3 months ago

I've been using Firefox for years and i've never been disappointed. Great and solid browser. I still prefere to use the .deb version compared to flatpak. But this is just a personal choice

Vertical 4 months ago

My favorite browser. Comes built in on my Linux distro, which is perfect. Been using it for many, many years and it's great to use. Has nice password manager, extensions & the company to me seems to have solid track record. Planning to use their VPN too in future for it's functionality and to support Mozilla.

Matt 4 months ago

Firefox is a good web browser. I just find that it is a bit slower than Chromium.

Blwred 4 months ago

Es bueno, pero el panel superior sigue desperdiciando mucho espacio, tal una remodelacion y una mejor ubicacion de sus elementos, no lo vendria mal.

lericony 4 months ago

Seitdem man hier auf die Idee gekommen ist, eine eigene Mint-Version von Firefox zu entwickeln, geht fast nichts mehr. Ich kann mich z.B. nicht mehr bei YouTube anmelden, weil Google meckert, dass der Browser nicht sicher sein könnte. Teilweise werde ich auch zu einem Update aufgefordert. Linux Mint geht den Bach runter. Firefox war mal gut – ist er unter Windows weiterhin. Aber hier ist es die letzte Verarsche.

JE77 4 months ago

Very Good!

wolfcwb 4 months ago

O Firefox tem melhorado bastante nas versões mais recentes. Abandonei os navegadores baseados em Chrome.

DanisonCZ 5 months ago

backfeed 5 months ago

i only use firefox on my systems, but since windows edge is collecting all you do i left windows and use ff on linux :D - importing profils i a bit complicated but it works, is fast enough, good and helpful addon for privay and point i use "link snap" but in Linux Mate the right mouse imediately opens the menue and draw the linksnap rectangle...that a bit annoying to use

0xLinux 5 months ago

used to be a firefox fan until i find out mozilla creator created brave browser :) way better

Roumi 6 months ago

Still the best for my life on pc

Nordmole 6 months ago

Catoflado 7 months ago

Muito bom trabalho. Porém, o LibreWolf é uma melhor versão. Viva o software livre e seguro!

Mac_7eveN 8 months ago

After an almost total re-setting of "General" and "Privacy & Security" sections and not less than 20 changes in "about:config", Firefox rating could be still 4 out of 5...

yousif 9 months ago

Firefox is so far the best browser ive ever used on linux.

edwin 11 months ago

5 starts

lup89 1 year ago

I am mozilla fan since 2008, all perfect!