Fullscreen distraction-free writing program
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Focuswriter is a fullscreen writing program designed to be distraction free. You can customize your environment by changing the font, colors, and background image to add ambiance. FocusWriter features an on-the-fly updating wordcount, optional auto-save, optional daily goals, and toolbars that hide away to allow you to focus more clearly. Additionally, when you open the program your current work in progress will automatically load and position you at the end of your document, so that you can immediately jump back in.
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rumpi 6 months ago

Im loving Focuswriter. It's doing exactly what is says it will - helps me focus on my writing. The typing sound is fun but it's also a good focusing tool. It reminds me that I'm writing. Linux has made me love computers again.It's given me back control over my computer instead of the computer controlling me. Thanks.

Anse 11 months ago

I like the preinstalled designs and the user-defined option. But I couldn't find any option for simple text editing or "zooming". I know, you don't need all that stuff for distraction free writing, but a marker and most of all an option to toggle the size of the text field is what I am missing. Maybe the option is there somewhere, but even if, it should be easy to find.

phong7 1 year ago

Pick from one of Beautiful Background Themes and then add a typewriter sound and your set for writing. works, sounds and looks great.

nowakowski 1 year ago

Lightweight, easy to use, suitable for intensive writing. The ability to turn on typewriter sounds is wonderful.

sientelo 2 years ago

Use it everyday, none of the bloat of Google Docs or Libre Writer, love it

SantiagoSatori 2 years ago

This is wonderful to use when I write my book drafts. I like creating background themes related to my work. Thanks!

newmintterman 2 years ago

Very light and simple. Looks good. Nice choise for basic text files. If interested it's available for all platforms. No public key or fingerprint though... Makes me wonder why.

Maurice045 2 years ago

Awesome on Mint19

allanbraga 3 years ago

Good job! Typewriter sfx is cool!

gustavospace 4 years ago

O som de máquina de escrever é uma viagem no tempo.

iosonoscrive 5 years ago


Tscharli 6 years ago

Great! Blazing fast and simple.

diak 6 years ago

fantastico. perfetto.

Erebus_Oneiros 6 years ago

Minimalist design. Simple and useful. As the name says Best for Focus writing!

jeop 6 years ago

I use this all the time. It's really nice. I like the clickety-clack typewriter sound. The interface is a little confusing at first. The right background is inspiring but the colors are extremely important.

Valou 6 years ago

Very good work! I love it!!!

dennyrwa 6 years ago

great aplication ever

Juan-Guillermo 6 years ago

Este editor es magnifico, me encanta.

ratisbona 6 years ago

Tolles Kreativwerkzeug mit Schreibmaschinencharme. Ideal, um Ideen und erste Entwürfe festzuhalten. Unbedingt Tippgeräusche einschalten!

cruizer 6 years ago

good idea