Free Pascal - SDK suite dependency package
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The Free Pascal Compiler is an Object Pascal compiler supporting both Delphi and Turbo Pascal 7.0 dialects, as well as Mac Pascal dialects. It provides a completely portable RunTime Library (RTL) available on many platforms and compatible with Turbo Pascal, along with a platform-independent class-based Free Component Library (FCL) adding many Delphi extensions and interfacing with many popular open source libraries.

Extensions have been added to the language, such as function overloading, creation and linking of shared libraries, and Delphi language extensions including classes, exceptions, ANSI strings, and open arrays.

This dependency package always depends on the latest available version of the metapackage pulling in all the FPC packages provided for this architecture. Experienced users may instead prefer to install the particular packages they require by hand.
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Kobalt 8 years ago

Best compiler

jfduhamel 8 years ago

Really a nice compiler. Pascal hopefully will to come back to existence with FPC and Lazarus.

factor-h 8 years ago

Excellent Replacement for Turbo-Pascal (the real standard) so FPC may possibly be THE new standard. YET... you may want to have it updated from http://www.lazarus-ide.org/ ... As for a long time last version is 2.6.4, with major new version 3.0 to be launched soon.

QreAtop_R3BaCk 10 years ago

Best of pascal compilier on GNU/Linux, But i like gcc=)

Vital 10 years ago

Мой любимый компилятор!

zeratul 10 years ago

One of the best Pascal Compiler that I have ever used.

akromic 11 years ago

Great compiler for a great language, continuing the tradition of legendary Turbo Pascal compilers

dscapuano 12 years ago

Always was a great language. This is good stuff when combined with Lazarus.

exxxon 12 years ago

The nice compiler!!!

jmmzon 12 years ago

Pascal -- it's make reader laugh but I must use it in school and FreePascal is the best in the Pascal compiller. IDE is look like original TurboPascal but is better and have better performance.

digimaus 13 years ago

I've been using Pascal since 1987 and FPC is essential in today's environments.

ej64 13 years ago

I'm coding my little helpers in Pascal since ages. Coming from DOS/Win16 I began with TurboPascal and switched years ago to FPC. Porting was easy and sometimes not even necessary to compile a 32bit exe. Porting sources to Linux may be more tricky. Compilations are fast and stable. I love FPC

Roin 13 years ago

My favorit Pascal compiler, it contains bindings and wrappers for the most popular C libaries on linxu and even adds some own stuf. Great compiler.