Civilization turn based strategy game (SDL client)
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Freeciv is a free clone of the turn based strategy game Civilization. In this game, each player becomes leader of a civilisation, fighting to obtain the ultimate goal: the extinction of all other civilisations.

This version of Freeciv is based on SDL, the Simple DirectMedia Layer library. It is recommended to install the »freeciv-client-gtk« package and to use the GTK+ client unless you really want to try this one. The SDL client offers a different look&feel but lacks some functionality of the GTK+ client.
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HonorisCreed 10 months ago

Clicking the "Start New Game" button freezes the game.

ugnikalvis 3 years ago

Do not work

romanyacik 6 years ago

doesnt work

arubislander 9 years ago

Great for small screens