GTK+ configuration tool for samba
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Gadmin-samba is an easy to use GTK+ frontend for the SAMBA file and print server. It features multiple local and remote user and group imports, on the fly share creation and user handling, including randomization of usernames and passwords. PDF printing to shared/private directories or email. It also features three levels of domain management strategies.
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mikeflan 2 years ago

Do not install this software on LM. Read more about it here:

neglesaks 4 years ago

This is a very comprehensive tool for configuring your local SAMBA server/services setup, allowing you to fine tune many details of this system for file and printer sharing. However, it is several years old and its default setup will overwrite your existing SMB.conf, possibly causing your system to be unreachacle if you choose to apply it immediately. This should only be used by systems administrators or if you need to dig into the SMBd config without editing it by hand. Otherwise, try out "nemo-share" or "caja-share" to share your folders over the network.

Caltrop 4 years ago

hard to use, messed up system, had to reinstall Mint

MagicMint 8 years ago

Originally a nice concept of a GUI, but nowadays rather outdated with its settings. The smb.conf it creates is way too overcomplicated. In Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca you don’t really need it as you can share any of your folders in (any) file manager by simply right clicking on it and making it public.

maxp779 9 years ago

Wonderful piece of software, actually made my shares work when they wouldnt before! Better than the other samba GUI tool. Thank you for making this its a godsend for those crap at CLI :)

mdcasa 9 years ago

Easy to use and intuitive.

Megnatar 10 years ago

Makes setting up a SMBserver easy for first time users. Gadmin frontend tools rock!