Mobile phone management utility
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Gammu is command line utility and library to work with mobile phones from many vendors. Support for different models differs, but basic functions should work with majority of them. Program can work with contacts, messages (SMS, EMS and MMS), calendar, todos, filesystem, integrated radio, camera, etc. It also supports daemon mode to send and receive SMSes.

Currently supported phones include:

* Many Nokia models.
* Alcatel BE5 (501/701), BF5 (715), BH4 (535/735).
* AT capable phones (Siemens, Nokia, Alcatel, IPAQ).
* OBEX and IrMC capable phones (Sony-Ericsson, Motorola).
* Symbian phones through gnapplet.
This package contains Gammu binary as well as some examples.
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ulysses 9 years ago

Not for me !

shaon121 11 years ago


dme3ha 11 years ago

works great with my SE K630i, an awesome replacement for the official SE PC Suite. works better with wammu for the GUI