2D chemical structures editor for the GNOME2 desktop
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GChemPaint is an editor for 2D chemical structures with a multiple document interface. Drawn molecules can be searched at NIST Webbook and PubChem.
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mplanine 5 years ago

The display error workarounds involve using the select arrow tool to either click on the background or select all with a rectangle select covering everything. Note that .svg files printed from here will always be correct even if display omits some bonds and atoms. Knowing this, I find this very usable.

dougyboi 7 years ago

Unfortunately, this version is unusable! Bonds become invisible. Follow the link and download 0.14.9... if you dare: you must compile it from scratch. When I have had a working copy of this software, it was hands down the best, hopefully it will be great again.

francheu 9 years ago

très facile à utiliser, je le trouve un peu moins puissant que bkchem

Merlin5 10 years ago

Intuative structure editor with a good range of features.