Educational games for small children
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A large collection of educational games for small children, designed to be a unified interface to integrate more educational games.

Language-oriented games contain vocabulary, sounds, and voices for many different languages; check the gcompris-sound packages for your language.

Currently available boards include:
* learning how to use a mouse and keyboard
* learning simple arithmetic
* learning how to read an analog clock
* recognize letters after hearing their names
* reading practice
* small games (memory games, jigsaw puzzles, ...)
* etc.
It is designed so that it is easy to implement new boards.

A number of boards are only available if other packages are installed; see the Suggests list for more details.
Latest reviews
madeira1997 3 months ago

Simplesmente excelente e bem educativo.

dirceu 4 months ago

A desinstalação pelo gerenciador de aplicativos não funciona. É preciso acessar o gerenciador synaptics para conseguir desinstalar o programa.

tiagoamf 1 year ago

Minha filha adorou! Isso melhora bastanta a coordenação motora com o uso do mouse/trackpad. || My daughter loved it! This greatly improves motor coordination with the use of the mouse / trackpad.

LucidDreamer 1 year ago

This is a great learning tool for kids or young adults, however it keeps crashing after playing around with it after a few mintues. If the bugs were worked-out of the software this would be a 5 out of 5 stars!

luba_alhasan 2 years ago

I love this educational application so much. It is the favorite one for my two kids.

Aristotel 3 years ago

good game for my 2 kids !!!

rharrison1979 3 years ago

I love this educational games platform. I have 5 children, and I think one of the things I did to give them an advantage at school is when I had them play these games instead of Kindergarden. They are now top of their class!

ronwalf 4 years ago

My child learned skills from basic computer usage to simple circuit comosition.

jeop 4 years ago

My daughter was asking for this specifically. It's great.

ilizaran 4 years ago

Es genial!!!

esijmjg 4 years ago

Amazing Kid Games... Excelente para crianças, só no linux mesmo. genial!

adriap 5 years ago

kids love it and it's free!

XF3DeX 6 years ago

Really awesome!

Inkit 7 years ago

Really great if you have kids. Double thumbs up to you guys.

kneekoo 7 years ago

Great software for kids and parents! :) Many thanks to the developers and translators.

cmsilva 8 years ago


wiltur 8 years ago

great one

bst2 8 years ago

My son loves it, too

bigbamboo 8 years ago

low graphics let kids learn!

darkangel 8 years ago

great, kids love it, so much i have had to install it on my second system so they could both have a go!