User friendly interface for devilspie
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GDevilspie is a graphical front-end for editing the Devilspie configuration file which allows you to run a particular application within a particular workspace in the GNOME panner in a particular manner.

gDevilspie also allows you to start and stop the Devilspie daemon.
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failgeek 6 years ago

Not working in Mint 17

hrvooje 6 years ago

Press Alt-F2, type gksu gedit and press Enter. Browse to File System > usr > bin and open up gdevilspie. Search for this line self.UpdateAutostartStatus() and comment it out by adding # at the beginning of the line. Save the file and restart gDevilspie.

fuzzyanalysis 6 years ago

Not working on LMDE :(

TJGeezer 7 years ago

Too bad it doesn't work in Mint 17

umlopez 9 years ago

permite tener a mano una intefaz gráfica para la identificación y manejo de las ventanas con devilspie