Molecular and crystal model viewer
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A GTK+ based program for the display and manipulation of isolated molecules, periodic systems and crystalline habits. It is in development, but is nonetheless fairly functional. It has the following features:

* Support for several file types (CIF, BIOSYM, XYZ,
* A simple molecular creation and manipulation tool
* A dialogue for creating starting configurations for
molecular dynamics simulations
* Assorted tools for visualization (geometry information,
region highlighting, etc.)
* Animation of BIOSYM files (also rendered animations,
see below)
GDIS also allows you to perform the following functions through other packages:

* Model rendering (courtesy of POVRay)
* Energy minimization (courtesy of GULP)
* Morphology calculation (courtesy of cdd)
* Space group processing (courtesy of SgInfo)
* View the Periodic Table (courtesy of GPeriodic)
* Load additional filetypes, such as PDB (courtesy of Babel)
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xijunw 9 years ago

It's boken under mint13-mate, while it was very smooth under ubuntu 10.04. Why???