download/stream available BBC iPlayer TV and radio programmes
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Get_iplayer lists, searches and records BBC iPlayer TV/Radio, BBC Podcast programmes. Other third-party plugins may be available.

get_iplayer has three modes: recording a complete programme for later playback, streaming a programme directly to a playback application, such as mplayer; and as a Personal Video Recorder (PVR), subscribing to search terms and recording programmes automatically. It can also stream or record live BBC iPlayer output.
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jusw 9 years ago

Fantastic! Still working fine, make sure you install latest version by adding the right PPA first - see

Rodrix 9 years ago

Support ended on 2010, so today we can't expect that this software captures anything

vasiliy12 9 years ago

not working

crispin 10 years ago

Well it works for me..with some issues. Can download content but I got error messages several times using the same command however it eventually did the biz. So frankly Awesome when you think what its got to do and it just asks for a bit of patience. Great would love an easy GUI though as I am lazy.

ElsL 10 years ago

Takes some figuring out how to use it, but then it's great.

toxaco 11 years ago

I gave up on get-iplayer years ago on windows as it stopped working, but i have just migrated to Linux Mint 13 and it works like a charm! No Problems and i'm a complete newbie! EXCELLENT!

arik 11 years ago

It is not working

vella 12 years ago

once I figured out how to use it - its superb!

idburrell 12 years ago

What did I do without it!

paulsays 12 years ago

As a user, and not a programmer I stay away from programmes without a GUI. However, read the online documentation and this is excellent and really easy to use

oscar799 13 years ago

I use this all the time.Simple and efficient