GNU Forth Language Environment
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This is the GNU'ish implementation of a Forth programming environment.

Forth, as a language, is best known for being stack-based, and completely extensible. Each Forth environment provides one or more dictionaries of pre-defined words, and programming in Forth consists of defining and executing new words that are combinations of previously defined words. It has been said that learning Forth changes forever the way you think about writing programs.

For more information about Forth, visit the Forth Interest Group web site at
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rijnsma 7 years ago

I've seen a lot of Forth, never made it 'my language' but always couldn't help loving it..

chassum 11 years ago

I still find it useful for RD scripting.

p17-administrator 12 years ago

what a wonderful programming system. really great!! .... and it's free and forth :))