innovative Real Time Strategy game
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Globulation 2 is an ongoing, multi-platform project to create innovative high-quality RTS gameplay, minimizing micro-management and assigning tasks to the units automatically. You just have to order the number of units you want for a selected task and the units will do their best to satisfy your requirements.

Glob2 can be played by a single player, through your Local Area Network, or over the Internet, thanks to the Ysagoon Online Gaming meta-server. It also features a scripting language for versatile gameplay and an integrated map editor.
Latest reviews
Jean178716 7 years ago

Very Old Design and GUI, but very quick to learn, but lot of fun

essemme 10 years ago

mi sembra un po' troppo complicato...

Lenin86 11 years ago

Very original and fun! totally recomended

kfarris 11 years ago

I like it but needs some work....And perhaps more controll...:/ Also I am a game designer and programmer in many languages and would like to help with this on-going-project. :)

CHuLoYo 12 years ago

Es un juego de estrategia genial y con un concepto de juego diferente que engancha muchísimo

Tuhin 13 years ago

Very orginal game. Try it and then join multiplayer! Its fun!

piper65 13 years ago

very promising game. Needs a lot of work