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simple file transfer program for MTP based devices
5 reviews

GMTP is a simple and light-weight interface to the features provided by libmtp, which allows users to manage the files stored on any MTP music player supported by the libraries, including those with multiple storage devices (e.g. mobile phones).

It doesn't provide complex features such as playlist management, it just makes transferring files from and to devices easy, by allowing users to upload, download and remove files on the device with a fast and easy-to-use graphical interface.

User reviews:

3 years ago
3 Doesn't work with my Samsung Galaxy tablet.

3 years ago
5 C'est seul logiciel que j'ai trouvé, qui a pu reconnaitre un Creative Zen 8Go. Je le recommande !

4 years ago
4 It works pretty good after a little bit of editing.

4 years ago
5 This program is just what I needed to access the files on my Galaxy S4 from my Mint desktop running Mint 13. Installed gMTP, set the preference (Edit->Preferences) to "attempt to connect to device on startup", and rebooted. Once the desktop was up and running, attached my Galaxy S4 using a micro USB cable. After the Galaxy was mounted, opened gMTP. There is a long delay (about a minute) but when gMTP opens I have access to the files on the Phone. If a SD card is in the phone, then gMTP will prompt to access either the phone or the card, and I can access files at either location. Thanks for providing this helpful software!

4 years ago
2 Una vez conectado va muy bien, si. Pero el problema esque conecta una vez a las mil, y al final resulta muy incomodo