GNU Shockwave Flash (SWF) player
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GNU Gnash is a free GPL'd SWF player. It runs as a standalone application on either the desktop or embedded devices, or may be used as a plugin for several popular browsers. It supports playing media from a disk or streaming over a network connection.

GNU Gnash is based on GameSWF and supports most SWF v7 features and some SWF v8 and v9. SWF v10 is not supported by GNU Gnash.

Included in the Gnash is an XML based messaging system, as specified in the SWF specification. This lets a SWF animation communicate over a TCP/IP socket, and parse the incoming XML message. This lets an animation be a remote control for other devices or applications.

This package includes the standalone GTK+-based player that use AGG as the rendering backend.
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Medina 1 year ago

Excelente! Até agora, conseguir reproduzir todos os SWF que precisei.

RainbowDarth 4 years ago

Will not play Corruption of Champions. It just stays on a black screen and no matter what I press it won't let me play the game. It's the only reason I would want a SWF player.

BernieLJ77 5 years ago

Works for a while, then starts to act up, then freezes, SWFOpener works better for me

iosonoscrive 6 years ago


4ndy 7 years ago

Youtube works even better than with Adobe's plugin, as videos don't play until you tell them to. However, some ShockWave Flash animations and games will be broken, as to be expected

Vedex 7 years ago

Works great on Linux mint 17.1 32bit Cinnamon

xinwenfei 7 years ago

It doesn't work on my firefox version 36

anand1504 8 years ago

It is very useful software. SWF files created by KidPix are played properly.

Meshy112 8 years ago

it works but not correctly

jukrafik 9 years ago

Nice work swf file

bjtamas 9 years ago

Javarészt működőképes, de Youtube-on pl. rendszeresen hibaüzenetet ad lejátszás helyett. Lassú és megbízhatatlan.

theonekai 10 years ago

Still having flash problems idk dammit!

charliefordjr 11 years ago

A lot of flash works with this, also I'm on PPC so it's all I can ask for.

wanda 11 years ago

gnash bad ,Openjdk very gut.

obakfahad 11 years ago

Need it for your swf viewing.

Kupfer 12 years ago

Can be really helpful if adobe flash is by a bug. Sure it's nowhere near a replacement for it, but actually quite satisfying. Pair it with Minitube for a fuller experience.

marksuci 12 years ago