Manage a Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox
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Gnomad 2 is a GUI built on top of GTK/GNOME 2, id3lib and libnjb that makes it possible to transfer tracks and files from/to a Creative Nomad Jukebox (all brands). It is designed much like an ordinary graphical FTP program.
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mintCondition 7 months ago

In this nearly post-pandemic late 2021, my Jukebox 3, (still going strong almost 19 years since I bought it!) has its scroller seldom working, so that I can only select whatever is the first option at any of its menus. So on the Playlists menu, I can only select the first PL. gnomad came to my rescue by allowing me to add whatever songs I want to that first playlist. Thank you!

ivanovnegro 11 years ago

Doesnt work for me.

crom 12 years ago

I have Creative Zen V. The files can be browsed with Nautilus but gnomad2 doesn't find the device.

Praxia 12 years ago

Segmentation fault when launching. Appears to be related to libmtp8 library.