Clone of the classic game Breakout, written for GNOME
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A clone of the classic game "Breakout". Control a paddle at the bottom of the playfield and bounce a ball against bricks at the top to destroy them.
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AlmightyDoerOfStuff 10 years ago

It's old and half-finished. Slightly glitchy, with no sound or documentation, but by looking at the preferences and the filenames in /usr/share/games/gnome-breakout/pixmaps, and just by playing, it's easy to figure out. What IS there? Four nice and simple, configurable controls (left, right, fire left, fire right) for mouse or keyboard, plus configurable play speed. High score chart. Nice, clean graphics, plus a cute splash screen. Three level sets, three difficulty settings. Nice pause/autopause features, and a Kill Ball feature if necessary. Seven powerups, no annoying powerdowns. Altogether I give it 4 stars for being fun and simple, just the way Breakout should be. I'd give it 5 stars if it had sound and documentation.

Trinexx 10 years ago

Terrible clone. Graphics are hideous, the gameplay itself feels terrible. I wouldn't inflict this game on my enemies.

Ubutunix 11 years ago

Wer kennt Breakout nicht? :)