Calendar application for GNOME
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GNOME Calendar is a simple and beautiful calendar application designed to perfectly fit the GNOME desktop. By reusing the components which the GNOME desktop is build on, Calendar nicely integrates with the GNOME ecosystem.
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prcoy 1 month ago

Unusable with dark themes. "Personal" Event names are white characters on light blue back ground. So unreadable. Needs updated for dark themes.

franckgaga 7 months ago

Buggy and missing features. The minimialist look is great although.

Fran-in-Nebraska 1 year ago

Very Simple and Basic Calendar App, Great for beginners, very easy to use, very user friendly, making a recurring appointment is easy, setting an alarm is super easy, I appreciate the clean user interface, big squares for each day, fill up the whole screen. Just what you would want and expect from a simple, basic, easy-to-use calendar app, I am using version 3.28.2 on Linux Mint 19. I find no pre loaded Birthday that is impossible to get rid of, when I search for "birthday", nor does it appear on my screen anywhere. I havent tried backing it up but I would imagine a standard backup of all my data would get it, or timeshift system restore utility. It is more powerful than I will ever need, can syncronize with google calendar, add in online weather, create multiple calendars PERSONAL, or BIRTHDAYS and ANNIVERSARIES, etc. w. mint 19.

governmint 2 years ago

Cannot use or get rid of the pre-loaded birthday. No menu to choose where the files will be stores, so there is no way to make a backup of the events or agenda you might have. there is room for improvement.

Linuxwins 2 years ago

Schlichter Kalender, funktioniert aber mit CalDAV (Einrichtung über Evolution), sehr übersichtlich!

eriemer 3 years ago

Podia ser melhor, por exemplo, suportar integração com o

phrilser 3 years ago

Unable to automatically log recurring events