Contacts manager for GNOME
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GNOME Contacts is a standalone application to view and manage contacts provided by all available contacts sources (Evolution, Empathy, etc).
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trcooper03 1 year ago

Totally worthless. Cannot import from .vcf. Has subsequent update that too is worthless. Supporting website says to use meson to install. Far too complicated for such a simple application.

spidertg 4 years ago

Das Programm funktioniert einwandfrei und tut was es soll. Bin sehr zufrieden

Shadowstreik 4 years ago

This is a great application. Worked flawlessly on Cinnamon!

rodoviario 5 years ago

It is almost useless in Mate edition, even installing pidgin and/or empathy, wont access online accounts on Mint 19

Meldon 12 years ago

It is lacking many options, like showing online contacts only and more. Install Pidgin or Empathy, or you'll be fighting Gnome3's integrated messaging system.